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Sports Injury Care good enough to roar about!

Brisbane Roar Sports Injury care - Greg Sterling Orthopaedics

Brisbane Roar Juniors meet Greg Sterling at  St Andrew’s WMH.


Brisbane’s Roar athletes are in the best hands when it comes to receiving sports injury care thanks to their partnership with St. Andrews Memorial Hospital and Greg Sterling Orthopaedics.


The roar is taking full benefit of the hospital’s emergency care and sport injury service and are encouraging its fan base of 127 South East Queensland local clubs to also do the same.


Greg will be providing comprehensive care and treatment to the elite athletes at a moment’s notice. Greg is honoured to be Brisbane Roar’s first choice for emergency sports injuries such as knee, foot and ankle injuries.


St Andrew’s also offer recognised sporting organisations or schools, a reduced out-of-pocket consultation fee of $75 when they visit the Emergency Centre. Waiting times are among the lowest in the country, which means most patients are seen immediately.


It’s important that with knee, foot and ankle injuries that patients receive treatment as soon as possible, and the correct specialists are on hand such as Greg Sterling to ensure the correct orthopaedic care is given.


Early diagnosis and treatment of sporting injuries can reduce the amount of time away from playing sport and remaining active.


St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital is part of UnitingCare Health, a not-for-profit organisation which invests profits back into its hospitals to ensure the community’s biggest healthcare needs are being met.


St Andrew’s emergency centre is available for adults and children, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including public holidays.


For more information on emergency care across many orthopaedic specialities contact Greg Sterling on 1300 478 375 for first class treatment and care.


Brisbane roar sports injury care - Greg Sterling Orthopaedics

Brisbane Roar at St Andrew’s WMH with Greg Sterling